Bodega Océanica José Ignacio

Bodega Oceánica José Ignacio

José Ignacio

O' Concept'

We are born in our land’s soul

Set in the frame of José Ignacio’s simple and distinguished style, life grows in the property. A genuine natural enclave with the ritual charm of countryside work.

The cycle of the moon and the stars guides our production processes. In harmony with the oceanic breeze and the richness of our land, they set out the rules for our day-to-day work in the estate.

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Our local wine collection is conceived in Bodega Oceánica José Ignacio, framed in an inspiring surrounding. The fresh marine breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, the morning mists and the wind come together in our elegant oceanic wines, with a very special sensitivity that renders soft flavors and intense varietal aromas.


Maritime freshness

Elements seek elevation, lightness, and this movement reveals our work philosophy with determination. The architectural design aims the sky; José Ignacio’s marine breeze bestows vitality to the crops; art pieces inspire, in substance, the estate character.

Arte & Arquitectura O' Arts

Notes, tonality and character, the classics that endure time

Agriculture focused in the detail, environmental commitment and team work, together with the passion for art and cutting-edge architecture, forge our purpose: the satisfaction of experiencing and offering everyday meaningful sensations. A simple and stylish lifestyle in which magic occurs.