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Elegant, mineral wineswith a great sense of origin.

Pinot rosé

Pinot Rosé

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Pinot Rosé
Pinot Rosé
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir


Making wine from grapes   //   instill a sense of place
Vinding Diers

Committed to the care of our earth, we create the ideal conditions to preserve each fruit’s own characteristic, so that it can express a strong, distinctive sense of origin. A process of great determination in search of quality, and respectful of the natural richness that José Ignacio offers us.

In the winery

Bodega Oceanica’s philosophy is based on conveying a sense of place; from our land’s soul directly to your wineglass. A small winery that offers a great wine. The process of destemming is done an hour after the grape harvest at the most, so that the intense fruit aromas are cherished. In the winery, our team processes the grapes with sure-handed care. Next comes the wine fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This process is carried out taking careful control of temperature which enables the maximum conservation of the wine´s expressive potential. The storage is made in the cellar, in high-quality French oak barrels.


The real creator of Bodega José Ignacio’s wine is our land. The knowledge of a valuable oenologist who acts as interpreter of the fruit essence and brings out the best of each grape, joins our passion to produce excellence in wines that express a great sense of oceanic origin.

Hans Vinding Diers

Hands Vinding Diers was born in Stellenbosch, a winemaking region of southern South Africa. Later, still being a child, he moved with his family to Bordeaux where he grew up in constant contact with his father’s winery, inheriting a precious wine culture.

Having carried out more than fifty harvests, Hans has carved a worldwide oenologist career. Ever since his beginning in Australia, he has investigated and worked in wineries all over four continents, solidifying his own vision and methods. Hans arrival to South America took place in 2001 with the opening in society of Noemía, a biodynamic winery founded in an old vineyard in the Patagonian Desert.

We invited Hans Vinding Diers to join Bodega José Ignacio and help us fulfill our dream: to produce wines of superior quality being faithful to the fruit raised in our lands. Our passion becomes real through the labor of our resident team and Hans’s expertise. He understands the grape and its different stages and carries out an unequalled interpreter duty. His participation—in each step of the process—and his commitment to our estate, are of extreme significance to us. We are proud of being able to produce these wines, that honor our land, through the wisdom of an oenologist with a philosophy that we totally share. To understand the grape identity and value its tempo is part of our nature.

In the field

Our vines grow on the soft hills of clay soil that overlie a crystalline basement, constantly aired by the oceanic breeze, a vital element that nurtures the healthy development of our fruits and the palatable acidity of our wines. The vineyards are located less than five hundred meters away from the winery. All wine-making processes are handmade with great care and detail.


Coastal region of warm and mild climate with an average temperature of 61.7 °F. Good range of temperature during the grape ripening season.


Silty loam, loam and clay loam soil resting on a crystalline bedrock. The topography is heavily undulating with slopes ranging from 3 to 5%.

Water resource

The main resource is a pond with a capacity of 42,500 m³.

Red Wine Varieties

  • Merlot
  • Pinot noir
  • Tannat

White Whine Varieties

  • Albariño
  • Chardonnay

Cultivated field area

8,5 ha

Pinot noir

Red grape that comes from Bourgogne, France. Small, dark purple berries with soft flesh, covered by a waxy coating of pruina. It produces an extremely soft wine, fresh and fruity, with a very pleasant bouquet.


This red grape that comes from Bordeaux has given the French region wines a worldwide reputation. Merlot means in Spanish “Mirlo”, which is a bird whose feathers are blue—similar to the berry color of these grapes—and that enjoys eating its grains. Merlot grape produces light-bodied, dark wines of slight fruity and spiced aroma.


This green-skinned grape variety is used to produce white wine. It comes from the wine region of Bourgogne, east of France. Its breeding has spread over many other wine regions around the world. Depending on the environment or terroir where it is cultivated, this variety can develop different characteristics, but its fruity flavour always stands out.


This variety comes from the French Maridan region, near the Pyrenees. It can produce red, rosés and even white wines—blanc de noirs—. Thanks to a great adaptation to our local conditions, it has become the variety by which Uruguay is pinpointed in the international wine market. It offers an intense full-bodied wine with outstanding tannins and deep, profound color.


This variety comes from Galicia, Spain. It ripens early and has medium vigor. It can be identified for its small bunches and brilliant yellow color grapes with gold and green hues. It produces a wine that offers a floral and fruity bouquet, fine and distinguished, leaving a pleasant impression of medium intensity. Apricot notes stand out. Its flavour is fresh and soft.